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This is the only album we ever did where we actually got to take our time - we spent one month in the studio for this one. It's also the one we sold the most copies of. We had finally got ourselves a real record label, it was a very fun period for us.


released January 11, 2003

Drums: Nick
Guitar: Frank
Vocals: JonH.
Bass: Couz

Extra vocals by Steph Gauthier of SUBB.

Recorded & mixed by Luc Boivin @ SN studios.
Produced by Twenty2.



all rights reserved


Twenty2 Montreal, Québec


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Track Name: Giving Up

I get rid of all the lies
I let it heal so deep inside
Because my heart feels just like ice
I'm gonna leave you far behind
Maybe you thought I was blind
But now you find I'm not so kind
I tried to read between the lines
I know that you played with my mind
But I kept it all inside
A game you play so well
You smile & then you give me hell
You're an angel with a spell

This is where I give up on you
This where I throw it all away
I'm gonna take it day by day & I'll stay away

Cause I can see that you don't want to talk to me again.
Track Name: Slip

No destination in my mind
Emotions felt now there's no time
I gotta let it fade away before I start my day
I must've had dreams about you
Cause I want to break things in this room
I grab onto my stereo
But then I let it go

I slipped away years ago
& now I navigate unknown
So I gotta let it go
I never meant to be so mean
But words are never what they seem
So I gotta let it go

This morning anger never fails
It's like a secret I can't tell
Like an addiction of my own
It grinds right to the bone
& every morning feels the same
I open up my eyes in pain
I want to break the stereo
But then I let it go

My anger never slips away
I gotta let it go.
Track Name: No Wonder

The way she thinks & the way she talks
& I've seen her read books I couldn't even touch
& she listens to everything everybody says
Because she learns from their stupid little worlds

She can look at anyone & she'll know just how they feel
No wonder why she's gotta be the one to make me heal
& every time she looks at me I ask myself what could she see
No wonder why she's gotta be the one to make me, me

Since I met her it's been fun & games & it keeps getting better
She tells me stories about the times she slept with girls
I'll listen for hours
& when it's time to go we don't feel like we have to kiss or hug
Or all those little things that bug me.
Track Name: World Of Mine

The sun comes up & falls down & darkness fills my eyes
The sun don't shine in my clouded mind
The next hour uncertain
The last few minutes forgiven
Don't know which door to go through next

There's nothing left for me to do but wait for you
I dream about the day you'd see & come look for me
There's nothing left for me to feel so make me real
I'll play this song for you someday
Take me away

Approaching final stages in this world of mine
& you have to be by my side
What if I were to wait here?
What if I were to swear that I'm not going anywhere?

Dream away
It fades away from me
Make me real
Cause I'm all out of dreams.
Track Name: Regrets

Not a day goes by that I don't wish I tried a little harder everyday
I hope this doesn't sound cliche
You never know
Some times I wish I could let go
Most times I wish I never left
But did I always try my best?

& now I see there's nothing left for me
There's nothing left to say
I'm growing older everyday
& now I wish I never stayed away

Now I know I'll never let you down
Maybe it's time to let you know the reasons why I can't let go
No more regrets
These days I always try my best
(There goes time again)
I gotta prove it all once more today

Now the day goes by & I can't close my eyes
I get more pissed of everyday just thinking of all the things they say
A waste of time
So now I think I'll shut my mind
& now I think I'll leave this place
What if I never showed my face?

Then could I see just where I need to be & what I need to do
Cause all I want's to be with you
& now I guess I wish I never knew

I never thought I'd say this
But I don't want to know.
Track Name: Shame On You

What happened & did it happen for a reason?
Help me out
I can hear it in my head
Your whispering
I count the seconds in the dark until the sun comes up

When you came in here something was on your mind
You closed the door & left him behind
I had no choice but to push you away
Now I can't sleep & it's killing me

So shame on you & all those things you do
When he was asleep you left him all alone
I guess you needed someone else but I wish it wasn't me

Now I can't sleep & I'm not OK
So shame on you for making me feel this way.
Track Name: Fantasize

I hate you so much
It makes me lose my appetite
I think about you so much
I even dream of you at night

I fantasize about your funeral & ways to put you in the hospital
I see myself next to you when you fall
& then I use your head as a baseball

I want to hurt you so bad
It's hard to breather when you walk by
I know I'd break you so bad
It's hard to think of my own life.
Track Name: Pure

You want to show me what's inside
But I'm not gonna go today
You try to make me feel your pride
But I'm just gonna walk away
I finally found the missing parts
They were lost deep down my heart
I feel so much better now
So pure
I've never been so sure

Don't try to fight me or bring me down
I'm stronger now
I'm better now
I'm pure
Don't say you know me you're out of bounds
I'm stronger now
I'm better now
I'm pure

Something left me in between
Was I awake or in a dream?
I'd wake up cold with my eyes closed
Without a clue of what was real
I never thought I'd find my way
But now I'm here & I can say
I feel so much better now
So pure
I've never been so sure

I feel good.
Track Name: Sleep Talking

It's 4am
I can't find sleep
But anger sure found me
I'm reaching in too deep
No wonder I can't see at all
& now it's time to run away from thoughts I'd rather not have
Today was a brand new day
Tomorrow's here to stay now
It's here to stay

I'm gonna close my eyes
I'm gonna close my mind
Cause when you're not here I can't find no peace at all

I'm sorry if I can't forgive
I'm sorry if I can't forget
It's only once I live & maybe half of it is left
& every night I think about how we wasted our lives
Just because we never tried
Cause we always lie
We always lie

Don't know when I could restart because I'm falling apart

You said I could trust you
You said I could love you
Now look at what I've become.
Track Name: Whore

You've fallen
You're broken
& now you can't get up
Be quiet
Just listen
You really need to stop
You've taken
You had a second chance
Played your game
Had your fun
But now you've jumped the fence

Taken everything
& now there's nothing left for us
Broken everything
& now we've got no trust in you

You think that you're all that
You're acting like a whore
Hurt me friend
Hurting me
Not funny anymore
All the time
Every day
Every night
What are you gonna do now?
Track Name: Never

Scared once again
You better walk away
I can't afford to be alone today
Faced down again
Concrete not indiscrete
The images keep flying by but yours won't fade away

Here I am
& I'll never let you go

Mistaken again
You're smarted than I am
It's really no use to pretend
I fall, you stand
You're stronger than I am
The memories keep flying by but yours won't fade away.
Track Name: 17

I'll never forget what you said to me the day I should have turned 18
It could never slip my mind
I was supposed to understand
I was supposed to be a man
You might have better luck next time
What if I relive my better years & spend my life in 2nd gear
Would it be a waste of time?
What if I decide to stay alive instead of watching grown ups die
Don't you think I'll be just fine

It never fails to amuse me
You take yourself so seriously
Does it piss you off when I go nuts?
In my head I'm still 17

What if I tried to be mature
Wouldn't you see I'm insecure?
Or would you be so blind?
I've been horny since I was born & I still watch way to much porn
It only proves I'm still alive

I want out
I'm not like you
I can't handle stress & responsibilities
I see so clear
I know one thing
I'm having fun & I don't think you are

Does it piss you off?
Do I piss you off when I say FUCK OFF?
Track Name: Glitches In Our Plans

Did we really try to work it out?
Were we really meant to be together?
Did we really want to fix it up?
Or were we better off apart?

It's been a while since I thought about you
At least a couple of years
At least a couple months
(At least a couple weeks)
So why today?
Who knows
I guess I crossed someone in the streets who reminded me of you
& it made me think

I remember every word you said when you tried to make me want you back
& I remember every message you left
I didn't even take your calls

It's not easy for you to spill your guts
I only made you
It's all I ever did
(It's all we ever did)
You were too young to know what it meant for me to lose someone like you

I really wish that I could say I tried my best to under stand
But from day one there were glitches in our plans
I really wish I took the time to get to know you as a friend
But from day one there were glitches in our plans

I really wish I could believe I tried my best to understand
But there were glitches in my plan
You're so much younger than I am
I should have only been your friend
But there were glitches in my plan.
Track Name: Go

I see it in your eyes
I truly wish that I could stay
What can I say?
You never wanted me
You knew I'd never change my ways
So never mind
You left them all behind
& now you're here all on your own
Give me a sign
Show me you're worth my time
Or will you grind me to the bone?

What can I say?
Things will never be the same again
We can't be friends

Get out of here
Come nowhere near
You never tried to be sincere

You never even tried
& now it's too late to go back
So memorize these words you hear today
I know you'll never change your ways

What can I say?
Things will never be the same again
Because we can't change
So why should I try to understand?
We can't be friends
So get out of here

Things will never ever be the same again
Because we can't change
So let me go.
Track Name: Dragon Killer ...& Diamond