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Recorded & mixed in April 2006 in Chicago. We slept on the floor of Marc's house for 2 weeks. Good times.


released September 1, 2006

Dom Cole: Drums
Frank: Guitar
Vocals: JonH.
Bass/B-vocals: Dan Cole

Recorded & produced by Marc McClusky



all rights reserved


Twenty2 Montreal, Québec


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Track Name: One Minute

Pleasure & pain
Fire & rain
Runs through my veins
On & on & on…
Something so strange
That I can’t explain
Runs through my veins
On & on & on…

I want to make it last so bad that I never enjoy it
It’s always the same
I’m looking so hard to find something that was always here
& I can’t see it

I’m blinded by the brightness
I’m at ease in the dark
Back to my cave
& every time I’m near it
I can’t even hear it
Cause I can’t reach it

I always wanted everything to stay the way they seem
It’s always the same
I wish that I could freeze a moment to show you what I mean
I wish that I could freeze a moment…

One minute’s all I wanted
One minute’s all I needed
Alone with you
But I could never see it
I could never hear it
When I’m with you.
Track Name: Angelina

My eyes awake right next to you
Southern Comfort still on my breath
You’re here to make it all better now
So why don’t we spend the day in bed?
Threw up all night but you’re next to me
Caressed my skin to help me sleep
I guess you’ve got me figured out
The mess I’m in is what I’m all about

Will you jump on a plane with me to California?
Next time around I’ll meet with you again in Arizona
Things are never wrong with you Angelina
But then again they’re never right…

Lost all my money - you’re next to me
Why don’t you stay cause I’m felling lucky
Every single day with you
It doesn’t matter how much I lose
The years go by but it never fades
This love for you has all kinds of shades
Seeing you soon isn’t soon enough
So I guess I gotta act real tough

& if you’re scared to fly then we can sail away
From this world
We both know we don’t belong in…
Track Name: Envy Evil

It’s never freeing
The things that I keep on ignoring
So liberating
When I can destroy everything
I’ll never know what
It’s like to be careless about
The consequences
Of fucking up & giving up
There’s too much pressure
& too much of everything else
I just can’t take it
Something’s gonna have to break…

I hate everything I create
I know sometimes I hate
I realize that it’s too late
Thought you should know

So I admit it
I still love to act like a dick
& now you know it
& I’ll still behave like a prick
There’s something wrong now
With everything I say & do
So I just fake it
But something’s gonna have to break…

I envy evil

Don’t know much I can take...
Track Name: Never Healing

I’m never falling
No I’m never falling
I’m never falling for that one again
Once you had me
Twice you fooled me
& now I’ll never be this stupid again

There’s something going on & I’m all alone
In this world
I’m never home

It’s just a feeling
But it’s never healing
I’m all alone
& I’m never home

Sometimes hurting
Never soothing
Your touch feels like sandpaper on my cheek
Your words mean nothing
Your eyes say everything
You think I’m stupid – you’re probably right…

There’s nothing going on & I’m never home
In this room
I’m always wrong…
Track Name: Shattered

Shattered heart dropped to the ground
In a million pieces
I could stop breathing right now
I don’t think I’d feel the difference
I haven’t been this hurt
For as long as I remember

Had my hopes up in the air
Only to be reminded by the soft touch of gun
That life is never fair

So here I am
& I’ve been fooled again now

I shed some tears
It makes me mad
Makes me want to break me
I can’t move
I’m paralysed
Standing right besides myself
Grinded to the core
Fists holes in every door

I can’t stand to look at you
I think you’re breathing
I can’t be sure
Don’t want to touch you
Can’t let you know I’m right here by your side

Can’t move myself
Amputated soul
Silence heals & kills me
Inner self froze by itself
Useless time to think & breathe & live…
Track Name: Delusional

My head starts spinning when I think of you
I imagine things that I can’t do
You’re soft & sweet I wonder if you’re real
So many things inside me that I know you can’t feel…

There’s something left for me but not for you
I try to find a way to see it through
I know you’re here right next to me
But every time I look you disappear
& I just want to keep you near me…

Another hour
Going down the drain
I’d buy you flowers
But then I come to my sense

Too emotional
My mind stops working when I’m with you
There’s something left
But it’s all flying out the door
I’d bring you here
Inside myself
& I’d show everything
That’s leaking from my pores…

I try to focus but I lose my sight
I try to speak out but the words aren’t right
I want to tell you but I can’t
& you know I could never lie to you
I just don’t know what’s real or true.

I close my eyes now
& take a look inside
I want to leave now
Maybe I’ll come to my senses now…
Track Name: I Don't Care Anymore

I feel the same
But everything around has changed
All the colours turned to grey
I think I need some time away
From breathing in this ashtray

Who’ll save this place?
Make me believe that there is hope
Make me believe that I can trust
Maybe you’ll tend not to agree
But here’s what I really think…

There’s nothing left to believe in anymore
There’s nothing left so I don’t care anymore
I wish I did but there’s nothing left to say
So I don’t care
I just don’t care.
Track Name: Not Like You

Wasting time on you…

I never want to see you
I never want to know you
I never want to hear it
I never want to know it
I’m gonna fuck with you now
I’m gonna fuck with your mind
I’ll fuck you up inside now
I’m gonna fuck with your soul
I’m gonna fuck with you

Cause you know it
& you feel it
You’re a fake now
You’re a waste now

& I’ll never change my mind
Never change my mind about you

I know you never want to be alone out there
Trust me you never want to be alone with me

A chill runs down your back
So you dye your hair black
You start wearing make up
It’s like a drug you can’t stop
In case you didn’t notice
This is all sarcastic
Acting sad when you’re rich
You’re just a whiny little bitch.
Track Name: Caught

It’s getting dark inside my mind
& this time I can’t see the light
We caught you stealing everything & now
It’s time to start the fight

& you can mark my words
No matter what you’ve heard

You never told us ‘bout your plan & still
We found out for ourselves
You tried to hide the innocents you killed
& I hope you burn in hell

& I can’t ever seem to understand
The things you say never make any sense
You have a crowd but you don’t have any friends.
Track Name: Might Be Real

I want to wake up next to you
& smell the alcohol on your breath
I’ve been this way for way too long
Alone in my little bed
Is this you I see & is this you I hear?

Cause it might be real
But I can’t see it

I want to taste you inside out
I want to make you breathe my air
I want to feel your naked skin
& see myself in your stare
I wonder about you every time I go to sleep

Never forever
I gotta put myself back together
I lost track of time for an hour
Or a year…
Track Name: Bad Influence

& there are things I hope will never change
& there are things I thought I’d never do

When I’m with you
All hell’s breaking loose
Every time I’m with you
We look for shit to break

Getting drunk & pissing people off
No one does it quite like you & me

When I’m with you
I love the shit we do
Every time I’m with you
We just don’t give a fuck

When I’m with you
Moral’s out the window
Every time I’m with you
Everyone else sucks

I think about
All the fun we had
Let’s never act mature
Let’s never grow apart.
Track Name: Time On The Ceiling

I have a night clock
Next to my small bed
It was a present from my mom
It’s quite the gadget
Time’s on the ceiling
So every time when I can’t sleep…
I watch the minutes
Turn into hours
& I can never count the sheep

My mom wants to keep me awake
This clock is more that I can take
So I have to let you know
I'm sorry mom, the clock has got to go

& now I don’t know
How to explain this
But both my hands have turned to fist
I have no patience
So keep your distance
This clock is like a (frustration) catalyst

I wrote this song at 3am
Last Sunday night while you were sleeping
I wrote this song without a doubt
While you were passed out loudly snoring
I’m sorry mom
It’s got to go
This clock is starting to drive me crazy
This clock is gonna get the best of me

& now it’s time to go back to my room
Unplug this goddamn clock of mine
I have a night clock
It’s in the closet.
Track Name: Die Young

Why would I want to live in a chair?
Why would I want to grow old & grey?
Why would I want to lose all my hair?
Why would I want to lose everything?

If I can’t walk anymore
Please kill me
If I can’t talk anymore
Please kill me

Why would I want to be the last one here?
Why would I want to live years in fear?
Don’t wanna be the last one to leave
Don’t wanna be the last one to breathe

If I can’t swallow by myself
Please kill me
Remember my own name
Please kill me

I don’t wanna live fast
I just wanna die young
I just wanna die (so young)

If I can’t fuck anymore
Please kill me
Rock out anymore…